Power-Only Trucking in Indiana

What Is Power-Only Trucking?

Power-only trucking is a transportation method in which the carrier provides the semi-truck and driver but not the trailer itself. This type of transport can be an excellent solution for companies that have the issue of excess trailers with no semi-tractor or truck drivers to pull them. Businesses may also rely on power-only transportation when they have only a small fleet of drivers. If your business doesn’t have enough hands on deck to transport materials or is in need of transportation solutions, power-only trucking may be the best option for you. Power-only trucking is also a great option during your business’s peak shipping seasons or times your business experiences a surge in materials that need shipping.


Benefits of Power-Only Trucking

There are several benefits of power-only trucking. First, it is a flexible transportation option because it supports multiple types of trailers. Whether your business needs flatbed and open-deck trailers or dry vans transported, power-only trucking can come to the rescue. This method supports refrigerated trailers and shipping containers as well. No matter what type of trailers you need moved, odds are power-only transportation can support your business.

This also means that power-only trucking can help your business be more efficient—you don’t have to schedule your own drivers or wait to load trailers around this schedule.

Now that you have a better understanding of power-only trucking, you might feel that this transportation method is exactly what your business needs. If your business could benefit from power-only trucking in Indiana, turn to Star Fleet Trucking for your transport needs. While our power-only trucking starts in Indiana, here at Star Fleet Trucking, we run across 48 continental US States and across Canada, meaning we can help you transport goods across the country. Additionally, if you’re interested in providing power-only transport in Indiana, contact us to join our team of independent drivers delivering world-class service.