Our Power-Only Trucking Opportunities

Power-only trucking is a versatile capacity solution where a carrier assigns a truck and driver to hook up and haul a shipper’s freight using a trailer owned by either the shipper or a third-party logistics company. People usually hire power-only carriers to haul different trailer types, such as flatbed, open deck, and refrigerated trailers; dry vans; shipping containers; and tankers.  

This cost-effective trucking solution helps supplement shippers’ private fleet hauling capacity when demand unexpectedly spikes or when it is inefficient to utilize private fleet drivers. Shippers also rely on power-only trucking companies when they need to correct network imbalances, integrate new trailers to the private fleet, and optimize trailer positioning. Our power-only trucking owner-operators provide our shipping partners with flexible and dependable services, ensuring their freight is delivered safely and on time. 

Drive With Star Fleet Trucking Inc.

Star Fleet Trucking Inc. began offering trucking solutions nearly 30 years ago. We know that our owner-operators are key to our success in emphasizing customer satisfaction and prompt freight delivery. We proudly offer power-only trucking jobs to current and prospective drivers. Our opportunities give drivers competitive benefits like per-trip compensation with daily payouts, upfront advances, flexible dispatch, single point of contact, and exciting variation in the equipment available for hauling. As a power-only owner-operator, you will need to provide: 

  • Tandem axle semi-tractor that is 15 years or newer with stamped paid 2290, so it can be registered at 80,000 lbs. 
  • Long slide-kingpin with back axle clearance 
  • Fire extinguisher and safety triangles 
  • Tanker endorsement 
  • 6–30 ft. chains and binders 
  • 6–30 ft. straps and ratchets 

If you seek to take the next step in your trucking career, we can’t wait to connect with you. Give us a call or fill out our form here. Our experts are always happy to speak with you and give you additional insight.