Contractors Pay

RV & Camper Transport Payment Information

At Star Fleet, we know that happy customers are only possible through happy owner-operators. RV and camper transport jobs with Star Fleet Trucking give owner-operators great perks and benefits. We also work with independent contractors to perform power-only hauling and mobile home transportation. We believe that our most valuable asset is our fleet of independent contractors, and we strive to provide them with fair pay, valuable benefits, and flexible schedules. 

Our RV transport pay is organized in a pay-per-mile approach. The amount our independent contractors earn depends on their willingness or ability to complete hauls. This means that the amount of money you make, or your yearly earnings, will depend on how hard you choose to run. Our streamlined dispatch procedures allow you to pick up hauls as you see fit. We want to give our owner-operator contractors the ability to create their own schedules and drive their own earnings.

Per-Trip Compensation

At Star Fleet Trucking, we pay our independent contractors on a per-trip basis. The per-mile rate varies depending on the trip, fuel prices, and driving conditions. Feel free to call our recruiting office for the current per-mile payment rates. 

Single Point of Contact

To streamline the process for our independent contractors, we have a single point of contact within Star Fleet for each driver. This means that whether you’re looking to be dispatched on a haul or have questions about our pay or benefits, you’ll always speak to the same person.  


Flexible Dispatch

At Star Fleet Trucking, we don’t do any forced dispatch. Instead, our owner-operators take on jobs as they see fit. Depending on their equipment or vehicles, drivers can work within any of our divisions: tow-away, mobile home, lowboy trailer, drive away, and power-only transport. Independent contractors are fully in charge of their own schedules as long as they operate within Department of Transportation guidelines. 



Quick Driver Pay

When an owner operator picks up an RV or camper haul, we pay 50 percent up front. The remaining payment is paid on the same day that paperwork is turned in after a delivery has been made. All our independent contractors will have their payments deposited directly onto an EFS Fleet Card.